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Make use of Polycard roofsheeting in your house, office or factory and let NATURAL LIGHT into your suroundings, saving on your electricity bill and our planet`s natural resources.

Polycarbonate roof sheeting

Polycarbonate Roof Sheets stand up to the demanding exterior applications and offer multiple advantages over alternatives. They are designed for  use as in-plane rooflights   and  sidelights  with   most metal  roofs.  Polycarbonate Sheets form  a complete  shield against harmful UV rays while admitting  most of the visible light, contributing  to conser­ vation   of   energy  and   improve the quality of the working environment. A range of colours and diffusions will filter light or reduce heat loads. [ DOWNLOAD PRODUCT PDF]

Galvanised roof sheeting

The material used in metal roofing is versatile and durable. It can be used on residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings. The same material used for metal roofs can be used for siding.
There are many different profiles and styles available to fit most every building situation.


Chromadeck roofsheeting are available in IBR, Corrugated and Widespan profiles. There are 14 colours to choose from and 4 different thicknesses namely 0.47mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.8mm
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Available profiles IBR, Corugated and Widespan

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